Roundup for July

To give everyone a flavour of how things are going with Pace’s fast-growing community, we thought we’d send out a small update for the month of July.

To kick things off, we checked our numbers for July and we are amazed to see that:

Properties on Autopilot see well over 2,000 price changes in a single day!

Things are humming along smoothly with the onboarding of new customers as well, where we recently had our fastest onboarding to date:

1 hour from token to live dashboard.

And we have recently onboarded properties in new countries that may not always see eye to eye, but at least they agreed on their choice of RMS:

New properties using Pace in USA & Russia!

We have also added a whole host of awesome features and performance improvements this month, and one feature we believe is rather nifty for data experts:

The ability to see booking curves, segments and distribution by inventory-type level all in one view.

So, it’s been a very big month for Pace, and more to come soon, but we’ll finish up for today with our favourite quote of the month:

How can we really measure the success of using Pace? As we are a recently opened hotel, we had limited historical data to compare a possible test phase. Luckily, we have two hotels on the same street with a comparable target market, and so we decided to test a different RMS system on each hotel during the same period. This way, we could compare the performance between the RMS systems at the end of the month, and in the end Pace stood out. For us, an RMS system is more than just a system proposing optimal prices, it is also a tool which gives us so many insights into our stats. The way Pace displays the data and gives us these insights is something we really fell in love with during the test phase, and made our decision relatively more easy.

Revenue Manager @ Hotel de Kroon now using Pace in Netherlands.

Stay tuned for more updates and news in the future!

From Pace with love, Minna