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November 2019 Roundup

A short, summary of another amazing month at Pace - this time for November. Check it out to see what has been going on behind the scenes.

WTM 2019 Recap

With WTM London 2019 done and dusted - it's time for our recap of the event! Check out our latest announcements on new features and integrations.

Pace x Mews Partnership

Through Pace’s seamless integration with Mews Systems, 100s of properties experience 24/7, science-led price recommendations.

Roundup for September

A short, summary of another awesome month at Pace - this time for September. Check it out to see what has been going on behind the scenes.

Roundup for July

A short, summary of another awesome month at Pace - this time for July. Check it out to see what has been going on behind the scenes.

Psst! Want to hear a secret?

Revenue management teams at properties spend an incredible amount of time per day deciding and readjusting the prices sold for each day …

Fireside with Pace Chief Scientist

Years ago it would be unthinkable that someone would make a reservation for your hotel in Australia from the US and within minutes Pace in London would be able to analyze that …

You're a leader

At Pace, we have spent years researching the relative value of primary versus secondary data. This research has demonstrated that basing your pricing decision on primary data is a …

The journey never ends

If you create a culture which focuses on the right processes and actions then the best results will follow. Those results may be better and worse than you could possibly have …

Thoughts from #HMS2019

We've now been hard at work in the hospitality industry for less than two years and we're excited about what we've achieved. But the real question is not what we're doing. But why …

Part 1. Two roads diverged...

The forecasting of “unconstrained demand” has been at the front and centre of revenue management in the last 30 years. We think it will be obsolete by 2025 and here's why

Forecasting is harder than you think

Let’s say you are a typical busy revenue manager. Your strategy is simple - to fill your hotel. In order to do so, you’ll start with a price that makes sense to you based on your …

Can you trust AI?

Should you trust their AI or fall back to business rules that you understand well? If you decide to surf the AI wave, how do you know which of all those RMSs to go with?

It's all about the curves

Booking-curves are a hotelier’s best friend. They are the foundation of real revenue management and if you know how to use them to your advantage you'll keep hitting and beating …

Fireside chat with Mike Ford

Integrations are a big headache for us at Pace. Hotels want to use our solution but connectivity is holding them back. Which is why we're so excited about initiatives like …

Revenue Management 101

There are a lot of articles out there on Revenue Management and how to get started. But most of them start at the beginning...we think you should start at the end.

The Secrets

There are two secrets to revenue management that fewer than 1% of revenue managers know. They use these secrets to grow revenues faster with less work. Over the next 5 years these …

Revenues according to Pooh

Last week I was collecting my thoughts on the state of revenue management and how hotels differ in their approach. It was a fun exercise to map the differences out and at some …

We're picking up Pace

I’m very happy to announce to all of our customers and partners that Pace has today passed a significant milestone. We have completed a fundraise of more than £2.5 million to …