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Pace is revolutionising revenue management with a suite of tools to deliver science, real-time and automation.

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Actionable recommendations

Reports and dashboards are important but results are what matters. Pace optimises your prices hourly to give you clear actions. This enables you to take 100s of accurate decisions within seconds.

Actionable recommendations

Industry-leading pricing

Pace is a continuous pricing engine. By running simulations for all combinations of room-night, lead time, segment and price the engine is able to identify all actions that achieve maximum RevPAR.

Industry-leading pricing

Understand your customers

Demand is driven by different segments which should be treated differently. Pace can thereby accurately isolate the impact of different segments on your prices.

Understand your customers

Everything in one place

Pace's dashboard gives you an instant overview of how your property is performing. Are you falling behind in pace? Are you on track for budget? Pace gives you these answers in one convenient place.

Everything in one place

Additional Features

Some features our users love us for

Your Property, your Events

Easily keep track of events around you or add notes for your team.

Pick-Up Reports

Get immediate insights and actions on your booking behaviour.

Segment Analytics

Get an instant overview of how your various segments are performing.

Easy Access Controls

Easily switch between your properties and control your team's access.

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