Pace ❤️ Python

As you can tell from our profiles, we’re a team that loves engineering. We discuss Klein bottles and Euler’s discoveries over lunch. Every week we try to do a knowledge sharing session where somebody presents on a hard topic.

The technical challenges we are solving at Pace are immense - from aggregating huge data sets on the fly to ensuring consistent real-time delivery under intense load. Not to mention working with our science team to implement proprietary numerical ML.

We keep our entire codebase to Python (with React on the frontend) and are moving towards a real-time microservices infrastructure. To give you a sense of what we’re doing, we will probably need to build our own Python infrastructure just for the microservices part.

A bit more about our stack:

  • Kubernetes & Docker on Google Cloud
  • Python 3: Pandas, RabbitMQ, Celery, Flask, SciPy, NumPy
  • Javascript, React, Redux
  • PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Prometheus, Alert Manager, DataDog

To learn about Pace and the wider story, check out the About page.

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