Lukas Hughes, Product Lead
August 07, 2018

Booking curve and distribution

At Pace, we love working with booking curves (so much, we even blog about them here. Booking curves can tell so many stories of how your property is performing - spanning from a property level across a full month to a very granular level for a specific room type & night.

However, so far we have only shown you how your occupancy has been picking up in the booking curve module. So we’re happy to support further key metrics here such as Revenue, RevPAR, and ADR, making it easy for you to understand how your pick-up is performing over time and providing you with core insights for future decisions.

Next to this, we also made changes to our Channel Distribution module. Understanding your channel distribution by the number of sales you made through each channel is critical to know, as it gives you a sense of your commission costs.

But seeing how much each channel actually contributes from a revenue perspective can often be a different story. This is why you can now review your revenue distribution across your channels for nights and months.

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