Qasim Khalil, Engineer
October 15, 2018

Glossary for hospitality newbies

I started working at Pace a few weeks ago and didn’t know my acronyms. Here’s a glossary I put together that’s hopefully useful 😉

ARIAverage Rate of Ingestion
ARRArrr… me hearties!
Base Rate0
Chain CodeTwo letter code uniquely identifying chains in the hotel’s basement that are used to [redacted]
ChannelLike a TV. What is a TV you ask? Ask your grandparents.
Channel ManagementUsed to Update ARI
Complementary X?Tell me X first..
Day GuestsAs opposed to the terrifying Night Guests.
Group RatesRates for groupies?!?
HostelThe Final Circle of Hell: Treachery
HotelThe First Circle of Hell: Limbo
InventoryLike in an RPG game (Role Playing Game game) but instead you can stuff entire rooms into there. Somehow
Money ChainThe ownership/operation of hotels is composed of like multiple levels who like pass money in like a chain
Negotiated RateNegotiating the rate of change of change? I don’t even (aka corporate speak)
Net RateDunking rate
NSNo Show - A guest that has a cloak of invisibility
Occupancye.g. 100% of inventory is occupied, “you are encumbered”
OperatorLevel n of Money Chain
OTAOver the Airways
PIPPerformance Improvement Plan. A nice way of saying…
PMSProperty Management System
PropertyAll I can say is that it’s not a house. Unless you’re using AirBNB, in which case say hello to The Cthulhu Cult of Capitalism
Rack RateI don’t even.
Rateof Change of Change
Rate PlanPlans are always good when they don’t gang aft agley
Reservation/BookingYou probably know this one so I won’t bother to write it out
RevPARAahhhhh Spreadsheets. Note: Did you read that as a relaxing aahhhhh, or as a screaming aahhhhh?
Room BlockRiot Management with Rooms
Room NightCommon Misspelling of “Good Night”
Room TypeDifferent rooms have, err.. different, err…
SegmentLike a caterpillar
SourceSource Code
Walk-inCode name of event where guest enters wrong-gendered bathroom

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