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Pace was founded in 2017 to revolutionise revenue management. Hundreds of hotels and hostels have already switched to Pace for its industry-leading accuracy, bi-hourly optimisation and configurable automation.

  • After using Pace for 6 weeks and RevPAR was up 25% year on year. Since then we've continued to see very clearly that Pace is helping us outperform last year and the market.
    Floris van Es - General Manager, Star Lodge Hotels
  • Using Pace is like having a secret weapon - Pace decodes our bookings and tells us how to respond! We don't really price manually any more and the results have been amazing.
    David van Erkelens, Revenue Manager - Teleport Hotel
  • Our brand was built around people and we hadn't paid much attention to revenue management. That all changed when Pace showed us how to capture the opportunities we've been missing out on!
    Anika Jacobs - Owner, Ecomama & Cocomama

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The Times They Are A Changin'

Revenue management will change in three ways over the next 10 years


Our research shows that focusing on Primary Data, your historical and advance bookings, drive significantly better results than Secondary Data, such as rate shopping. Secondary Data sources are inaccurate and slow, while Primary Data generates confident insights in real-time.

Only following the market is not an option if you're serious about revenue management. For Generator the hard part has been to find the tools that allow us to work with Primary Data effectively.
Siim Karu - Head of RM, Generator


In today's world, guests are global and bookings happen 24/7. However, in hospitality most data interfaces refresh daily and deep analysis often happens on a weekly basis. This is changing. Hoteliers are realising that their response time is a critical factor in their success.

During development of Starwood’s revenue management solution we focused on the same approaches that Pace is now spearheading. Continuous Pricing is, without a doubt, the future.
Nancy Pyron - ex Senior Director, Starwood


In an increasingly complex world we need tools that help us make sense of information. This means turning information into insights. But more importantly turning insights into actions. Revenue management solutions need to be evaluated, in addition to functionality, on how often and appropriately they will be used.

Optimal revenue management requires you to respond accurately, in real-time, to changes in demand. For this we need strong partnerships between man and machine.
Regis Morin - Head of Revenue, Queensway

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