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We've put all our trust in the the summer we asked for really high prices because Pace said we could do it, and we sold at prices we could never have imagined the year before.
Christianne Glazenburg - GuestHouse Hotels
They open up Pace...they can change prices within seconds. We've seen revenue management systems contribute to about 3-5% of room-revenue over the first 12 months of application.
Siim Karu - Generator
So far we've beaten budget and last year by around 18%. We don't waste time talking about it - we just get on with it. We need to as an industry go back to that primary focus on customers.
Liutauras Vaitkevicius - Good Hotel
We started working with Pace in November 2018. Compared to last year we managed to achieve an uplift of up to 12%, which I believe is due to Pace.
David-Friedemann Henning - Hotel Big Mama, Berlin
After using Pace for 6 weeks and RevPAR was up 25% year on year. Since then we've continued to see very clearly that Pace is helping us outperform last year and the market.
Floris van Es - Star Lodge Hotels
Using Pace is like having a secret weapon - Pace decodes our bookings and tells us how to respond! We don't really price manually any more and the results have been amazing.
David van Erkelens - Teleport Hotels

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