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Pace x Mews Partnership

Noach Ben-Haim, Product & Marketing
Oct 15, 2019 - 3 min read

Pace was founded to revolutionise and democratise revenue management.

Through Pace’s seamless integration with Mews Systems, hundreds of hotels and hostels have already experienced the benefits from science-led and continuous 24/7 price recommendations.

MEWS Marketplace allows hoteliers to integrate with tools and services like Pace in less than one hour, and immediately benefit from Pace’s revenue dashboard and price recommendations.

Pace matches every reservation and inventory update with Mews, so Pace can always be in sync and have the latest data on your property. Mews is also extremely responsive to needs from integrations, enabling Pace to deliver 3 new product tiers to the Mews Marketplace within 24 hours.

Pace’s vision to change the way the industry operates, through science-led revenue management, goes hand-in-hand with Mews’ game-changing Property Management System.

Pace focuses on optimising your RevPAR performance and improving efficiency - running optimisation on an inventory type level, for 365 days, every hour. This is something that would take a vast amount of time to complete manually, and most likely your data would already be out of date when analysing your data.

Pace recently launched an Autopilot Mode, that makes it possible to automate properties’ revenue management needs. and this deep integration with Mews allows us to update your Pace dashboard hourly, providing you with immediate insights, and the comfort that your prices are always maximizing your RevPAR.

Properties on Autopilot mode have significantly reduced their time spent on analyzing all their room nights, and can now focus on long-term pricing, special nights, and the overall strategy. No more time wasted on the day-to-day menial price analysis! Based on this, properties on Autopilot often have more than 2,000 prices updated in a single day - 24/7.

For this, Mews is the perfect partner for us, as all of these changes can be processed by Mews instantly! Here’s what customers think of Pace:

For us, an RMS system is more than just a system proposing optimal prices, it is also a tool which gives us so many insights into our stats. The way Pace displays the data and gives us these insights is something we really fell in love with during the test phase and made our decision relatively easy.

As we are a recently opened hotel, we had limited historical data to compare a possible test phase. Running the metrics before the first month and after the first month, we could compare the performance between different RMS systems and in the end, Pace stood out.

Revenue Manager @ Hotel de Kroon now using Pace in the Netherlands.

Check out the #RevenueRevolution here.

About Pace:

Pace was founded in 2016, and we launched our full platform in 2017, providing the industry with science-led, continuous price recommendations. Our clients are a mix of hotels, hostels, and apartment groups - with both independent and chain properties. We are now active in over 30 countries, and very happy to see the global reach growing fast.

Recent milestones include onboarding large chains such as the Generator and Queensway groups, and in July we launched our Autopilot product tier to our customers - which amongst other features brings full price automation as well as hourly updates to our product. With Autopilot, properties can update more than 2,000 prices automatically in a single day!

For more details, check out Pace’s official website: https://www.paceup.com/en/

About Mews:

Mews is a new generation natively-cloud property management platform. Its modern, intuitive software helps hotels, hostels and apartment groups automate all their operations so that they can focus on what’s really important — their customers, and enhancing the guest experience. The company was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur and former hotelier Richard Valtr, whose frustration with the inadequacies of existing hotel software systems drove him to design and build his own platform, with user experience at its core.

Its rapidly expanding team now counts more than 250 employees, and there are, today, over 1000 active subscribers using Mews in 49 different countries. Mews has offices located in Paris, London, Barcelona, Sydney, Amsterdam, Munich and Prague, and is planning to expand.

For more details, check out Mews’ official website: https://www.mewssystems.com/

Pace x Mews:

If you wish to learn more about the Pace x Mews partnership, or want to see the #RevenueRevolution in action, visit our https://www.paceup.com/en/ or contact us at: contact@paceup.com

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