November 2019 Roundup

Hey Pacers,

I hope you have had a successful Q3!

We certainly have been on fire here at Pace HQ, so we have a lot of interesting news to share in this month’s roundup!

For starters, WTM 2019 was incredible and we had some super exciting launch news:

Check out the announcement on the new Group Displacement Tool.

Pace also announced Hierarchies, and for the first time, properties can now optimise room types on the granular, demand-based level and yet, maintain hierarchies between them. Bye bye rules - hello scientific ability to optimize each and every room type!

Along with these great features, we have been busy broadening the Pace footprint as our global expansion continues - with properties in great, new destinations from Malaysia to Colombia.

This month we also got very excited about extending our Autopilot feature to optimizing golf carts, boats at a marina, and beach cabanas!

Yes, you read that right - we are now solving the pricing problem for other types of perishable products! This makes us all thrilled about the opportunities out there!

Along with our customer love on Hotel Tech Report, we have been receiving some fantastic peer recommendations. Big shout out to our partners out there - and much love back to you from Pace too.

Before getting our seasonal festivities under way and as a last hoorah to wrap up this year 🎁

We will be working on a much-requested feature for our Autopilot customers running Automation - you’ll gain more price control for particular nights in the future - and more functionality means more usage out of Pace!

Stay tuned!

From Pace with love, Minna