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Group Displacement Announcement

Noach Ben-Haim, Product & Marketing
Nov 4, 2019 - 2 min read

We are all excited and delighted to officially announce a new feature exclusive to Pace.

An extremely powerful tool that will complement our world-leading algorithm and real-time automation of your property’s dynamic pricing.

Proud to present Pace’s take on Group Displacement.

While Pace takes care of your transient pricing, we acknowledge that there are many other areas where you can maximise your revenue - managing groups more intelligently is one of them.

Group Displacement Analyses have always been a painful exercise for hoteliers. They take up significant time to find the answer to a very simple question: “Will I make more revenue by taking in a group vs continuing to sell to my transient business segments.”

Pace’s Group Displacement Tool uses our accurate and granular forecasts to generate the analysis for you, and so not only saves you time, but also means your displacement results are based on real data science. By evaluating group requests, users can quickly see the value of a group and make a decision if they should take the booking or not.

Customise nights, rates and desired inventories easily for the group booking to see exactly how much more revenue the group will bring to your business.

A first step on a longer journey!

We will be continuously expanding on Group Management with other features over the coming months.

We look forward to seeing all of our existing (and new) customers use this new tool, and we welcome all feedback to help us make it even better.

The most accurate Group Displacement Tool, exclusive to Pace users.

Stay tuned for more - we are here to change the game.


Exclusive to our Autopilot customers

The Group Displacement Tool will be exclusively available to our Autopilot customers from December onwards. To find out more about Autopilot, get in touch with our sales & success team to discuss your options.

Can’t wait for December?

If you just cannot wait to get your hands on this, get in touch and signup your property below to get access to this amazing, new feature. Be quick, there will only be a few pilots!

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