The Story of Pace

We care deeply about our mission which is optimise for better alignment between demand and supply (making the world a better place in the process). But we care even more about our values since they are what give us meaning.

Our Founders

Jason, Jens and John-Paul had spent the last two decades in very different fields: academia/research, venture capital and building companies. They came together over two shared beliefs.

Firstly, great pricing is a huge opportunity in most companies. Secondly, current solutions are not living up to the promise of what is possible with modern research and technology.

They founded Pace to make dynamic pricing the norm, not the exception. Because when prices are optimal, we make better use of resources and generate less waste. In other words, we make the world a better place.

Our Story
January, 2017
The journey begins, the first team is assembled, and the first mission is to build an automated pricing engine for hotels.
December 2017
Pace has gone live with a handful of hotels and has raised a large seed-round to scale up and develop its first solution.
August 2018
The first group signs up on Pace and a fully redesigned customer experience is released.
April 2019
New Year, New Office! Pace moves into a new office to house its team as it grows from 10 to 30 people.
July 2019
Two and a half years of hard work pay off as Pace releases an industry-first: hourly automated adaptive pricing.
March 2020
Three years in the making, Pace now counts Best Western, Accor, a&o, Generator and many more as its customers.

Investors and media coverage


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