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Pace is the leading innovator in automated, data-driven, Revenue Optimization. Our results and customer speak for themselves. Revenue management is changing!

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Pace Customer: Accor
Pace Customer: Best Western
Pace Customer: Machefert
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"We are driven by excellence in our business, and only work with the best partners. So we compared the best revenue solutions side by side and Pace absolutely blew the competition away."

Pace Customer: Kevin Machefert
Kevin Machefert, Director of Sales

Overview of Pace Pricing

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Introduction to our science

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Pace solutions


Pace uses state-of-the-art machine learning to evaluate your demand in real-time, and respond with optimal prices for every category, over the next 365 days. All of this hourly and fully automated.

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Pace enables your team to visualise data that is relevant to your strategic goals. You can set up any visualisations, over any data, share them with stakeholders, and receive updates in real-time.

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Pace helps you to focus on the constant evaluation of processes and solutions in place. Revenue teams should focus on discovering strategic opportunities as opposed to tactical interventions.

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Groups are a strategic and valuable part of the business mix for most hospitality businesses. Pace enables your team to streamline workflows and ensures that priorities are shared across multiple teams.

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Recent blog posts

Sunset in the mountains

Let's talk performance

The single most impactful activity any revenue manager can engage in today is to evaluate performance

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Jens Munch, CEO

· 2 min read
Sunset in the mountains

Launch of Pace Analytics

We are incredibly excited to launch Pace Analytics - this is the future of how to engage with data and drive value.

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Lukas Hughes, Product Lead

· 2 min read
Pace Revenue Management Team
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Not being too sure of anything is the beginning of greatness. Our exceptional science team contains a combined 100 years of research and they're still learning every day. Speak to us about how we work and our solutions. You can't afford not to.

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